Solar heating panels for homes and buildings in Quebec



Solar air panels

MC2 Energy Hot air solar heating on a tiny house
Barkmere installation, off-grid cottage
Solar air heating and photovoltaic
installation of 3 solar air panels
Solar air panel

Solar Domestic Hot water

Thermo-Dynamics installation
Charlevoix 4
Charlevoix 3
Charlevoix 2
Charlevoix 1
Amos 5
Amos 4
Amos 3
Amos 2
Amos 1
Charlevoix 5
St-Donat, domestic hot water and radiant floor
lifting solar panels on the roof
waterproof flashing for racking
Installation of Roth Solar panels

Solar pool heaters

Installation in Longueuil


Solar panel and hot air solar heating system on a tiny house
Solar panel on a chalet
Inverter, breaker box and batteries
Inverter and batteries
PV Montreal 4
PV Montreal 1
PV Montreal 2
PV Montreal 5
PV Montreal 3

Radiant floors

St-Faustin 1
St-Faustin 2

mechanical rooms

Solar staorage 275 gals
Solar Boiler: external heat exchanger
Solar tank w/ two heat exchangers and electric element
pump station and flexible piping
Solar storage with 2 coils on the right
Copper exchanger coils for solar storage

Vaccum tubes

Solar storage with 2 coils, pumping station and controller

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