Photovoltaic company for solar panel installation in Quebec

Certainly the most famous solar energy in the world, the photovoltaic energy, or pv, is getting a tremendous amount of attention, notably with our neighbors down south and in Ontario, thanks to very appealing government programs and funding for photovoltaic installations. For us here that benefit from the lowest electricity rate in North America, this form of energy is not very well developed although in constant growth. There is certainly numerous very interesting applications for the photovoltaic panel that would benefit from this form of energy: An off the grid cottage, hunting and fishing cabins, garage, sheds, RV, boats etc. This form of energy is without a doubt very reliable and constantly getting more competitive. We are presently developing an expertise in this field that will allow us to offer the latest technologies and installation techniques required for the Quebec climate and this, at the most affordable market price.

The components and their use :

Solar panels:


The photovoltaic panels are actually an assembly of cells that transforms solar energy into electricity.. A photovoltaic module is then an assembly of cells to make the solar panels that we are familiar with. The more cells within a panel, the more power it will generates. A solar module can transform about 15-20% of solar radiation into electricity

Solar controllers:


The main function of the solar controller is to protect the batteries from getting overcharged or discharged by the solar panels.



The inverter’s main function is to transform direct current (D.C.) produced by the solar modules into alternating current (A.C.), commonly used in household appliances today. Since most of these appliances need 120 volts to properly function, we will need to increase the voltage to be able to use the solar energy for our everyday use.



The batteries are used as storage for the energy produced by the solar panels in a chemical form for a later use. For a photovoltaic system, it means that we can use solar energy at night or during rainy days.There is many different types of batteries and their efficiency can greatly affect the efficiency of the system



There is two main basic ways to use the energy when we produce electricity with the sun: Off grid and grid-tied systems. We can store it with batteries or send it to the grid where a meter will measure the quantity of energy produced and return it to us when needed. The system will be quite different for each application, but as a general rule the electricity produced must be stored and transformed somewhere to be used later. A photovoltaic solar installation is usually installed on the roof of a residence or on a tower that can rotate to follow the sun path during the day.



Photovoltaic modules generally have a lifespan of some 25-30 years. Other components can vary between 20-30 years. Servicing components that would need replacing can generally be done quite easily without having to change the complete system or encountering large expense.

Average cost


Cost varies greatly according to many factors related to each projects. Generally speaking the installed cost of a photovoltaic system varies between 8$-14$ per watt. Contact us for a more detailed evaluation of your needs.



System will need little maintenance if the installation was well designed from the start. It is very important to respect industry standards to avoid problems linked to a failing installation. Only batteries will require a little maintenance to keep their performance and lifespan.



A detailed document is used to help sizing the project. To better size a system we will calculate the quantity of items to be energized along with their energy consumption and the amount of daily usage. We will then be able to properly evaluate the needs and size up a system to suit them.

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