Solar air heating installation in Quebec

In Québec, close to 75% of the annual energy consumption of a residential building is for heating and cooling the space. With a solar potential higher than average for a similar latitude, Quebec has a definite advantage for solar heating. Very low temperature in the winter usually comes with lots of sunshine!

Contrary to popular belief, winter sun is very powerful and allows to generate large quantities of heat. Solar air heaters take advantage of this potential with optimal output. Similar to solar hot water heating using anti-freeze piping, solar air heaters can produce up to 2000 watts of power to heat the space with forced air.

The installation of solar air heaters is generally done on the south facing façade of a building. It’s most popular application is the direct heating of a defined space like a basement, garage, living room, kitchen etc. It is also possible to attach it to the existing ventilation system, forced air or heat exchanger.

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Components and their use

Solar panels:


Similar to their ciblings for domestic hot water, the solar panel for hot air absorb the heat from the sun with an absorber plate and then transfer this acquired heat to the air that is passing through the channels inside the panel.



This one is used to start and stop a fan when the temperature inside the panel is higher than the temperature inside the room to be heated.

Fan and duct system:


The fan, when activated by the controller will take the air from a room and pass it through the solar panel installed outside to heat this air and then return it to the room to be heated at a higher temperature.



The solar air panel, when installed by an authorized dealer and installer has a 10-year warranty, But since the panel does not have any moving parts and/ or electronic, its lifespan can be much greater than that. For the interior components, we can easily hope for a similar lifespan with proper maintenance.

Average Cost:


The complete system of solar air heating is usually around 2500$ for a basic kit. Contact us for a more precise estimate of your needs.



Following the installation of a solar air system, no particular maintenance is required. Cleaning the filter at the air intake can be done very easily when needed



While being conservative, we can calculate that the solar air heater will be able to provide for approximately 25% of the heating needs of a 1000 sq. ft. space for a high efficiency building.

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