Solar energy efficiency and solution in Quebec

Supervision, Evaluation, design, sizing:

Many factors must be considered in planning a construction-renovation project. Whether it is to improve the building’s efficiency, build a solar passive house or installing a solar system, managing a green project can demand a lot of research and extra time. The use of specialized tools and software allow us to better design the projects right from the start and therefore optimize them while staying on budget.No matter what your project is, écoSolaris can help you make it greener. A large number of options exist to increase the energy efficiency of your building and the research can sometimes take a lot of time. Let us take care of it all; we’ve already made the research and the contacts. Contact us for your renovation and construction projects, we offer technical support, site supervision along with a worksite team to execute the work

Some examples of our services:

Building heat loss / heat gain:


By providing us with specific information on your project, we can size the heating system necessary to perfectly match the building needs without over sizing.

Solar shading analysis:


Allow us to measure the solar potential of a particular site and this for a complete year. This evaluation allow us to visualize any obstacle that would be shading a location at a precise moment of the year and possibly keep a chosen site of a considerable amount of renewable energy. We provide the client with a detailed report allowing us to precisely pin-point the shading and it’s effect on the energy production. 

A must for solar passive construction projects

Simulation software:


We also use a solar design software along with an energy efficiency software.When entering precise information on a project, we can simulate the efficiency of a building or a solar system to be installed. The report produced allows us to measure precisely the energy production and therefore the savings to be expected. The client is therefore fully aware and can make an informed decision before hand. We have a large inventory of products and energy efficiency measures that will provide information clients are looking for while respecting their budget.

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