Solar Heating

The sun sends enough energy to the earth in one hour to provide for all the energy needs of the Earth and this, for a full year!

The largest energy load of a Canadian building is the demand for heating. Whether it would be to heat domestic hot water, living spaces, pools and spas, the most efficient way of using solar energy is by far to produce heat. This heat can then be used directly without any transformation.

A thermal solar panel has an average efficiency rate of about 75%, meaning it can absorb 75% of the solar energy available. If we compare it to the photovoltaic panel, this one will be able to use about 15-20% of the available solar energy to produce electricity. Knowing this, we can easily understand that an energy efficiency project will benefit greatly from using solar thermal panels in the first place to alleviate the heating load before contemplating using photovoltaic modules to produce electricity that would then be used to produce heat.

There is three different types of solar thermal panels:

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