Solar pool and spa heating in Quebec

The solar pool and spa systems have made their proof for a long time in Quebec and elsewhere in the world. With an installation cost comparable to combustible systems ( gas, propane, electricity ) the solar pool heaters with allow you to benefit of years of heated water at absolutely no operating cost!

The components and their use :

Solar panels:


Made of polypropylene, a very durable matter, the solar panels for pools and spas are made of 104 channels in which water from your pool will pass through before returning to the pool.

Controller and temperature sensors :


Temperature sensors measure the difference between the pool water and the solar panels, The controller then decide if the water should flow in the solar panels or not: if the temperature is higher on the roof, the controller opens the motorized valve.

Motorized valve:


This one will redirect the pool water through the solar panels upon receiving a signal from the controller. It will also close the circuit and return the water directly to the pool if the temperature is not adequate through the readings of the controller.

The operation is simple :When the temperature in the solar panels is higher than in the pool, the controller open a motorized valve and sends the water through the solar panels to be heated before returning to the pool. If the temperature is equal or lower on the roof, the valve remains closed and the water circulates back to the pool without going up in the solar system.

This system allow for better performance and keeps the heat where it should be : in the pool!
Installation is usually quite simple and allows benefiting from a heated pool and/or spa the very first day and this for many years to come!




The solar panels have a manufacturer warranty of 10 years and can easily go over that period. They do not need to be taken down in the winter.

Average cost:


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The system will not require maintenance other than drain the system before the winter during normal closing of the pool.



It generally takes the equivalent of about 50% of the surface of the pool installed in solar panels to obtain a performing system.One or two panels should be added in northern areas of the province.

Please note that it is possible to heat a spa all year round with solar energy. In these cases, we will utilize a system that is freezing proof with a heat exchanger. The savings is all the more important and allows you to benefit from your spa with pièce of mind.

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