Energy efficiency:

EcoSolaris’s motto: It will always be more efficient to conserve energy than to produce it! EcoSolaris can help contractors and auto-builders with products and services to improve the energy efficiency of their project while staying on budget. Small changes can make a big difference!



The most famous form of solar energy and the one that receives the most attention in the renewable energy sector. We use photovoltaic panels to transform solar radiation in electricity, which is then stored in batteries or transferred to the grid.


Solar heating systems in Québec

ÉcoSolaris inc. Is a young company specialized in designing and installing energy efficiency systems with an environmentally conscious mind, particularly through solar energy. We have the certifications and industry recognitions to provide professional work according to the latest industry standards.We take to heart the satisfaction of our clients and our positioning in the industry allows us to offer our clientele all types of systems designed to better answer their needs.

Certifications & associations

General and specialised contractor RBQ#: 5596-0348-01
Member of the APCHQ
Membre de l’APCHQ
Member of énergie solaire Québec
Membre énergie solaire Québec
Énergie solaire Québec



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