Solar energy solution for water, pool and air heating in Quebec

Who we are?

Our vision


The main challenge of the 21st century will be the rarefaction of the resources. Fossil energies are being exhausted rapidly. In this day and age it is imperative to minimize the consumption of the resources that we have left. The faster Québec will take the renewable energy turn, the better the transition will be. We have an opportunity to position ourselves in sustainable development. The use of hydro-electricity combined with the development of solar energy could allow Québec to position itself as a world reference in producing and exporting renewable energy.In the near future, we have to expect an important raise in energy cost. ÉcoSolaris wishes to offer a viable alternative with the advantages of solar energy to serve the needs of our clients.

Our Mission


To offer the best service with the best products in the most responsible way possible. The company’s primary mission is to improve accessibility to renewable energy. Whether it be through information, training, designing, sale, installation or maintenance of energy efficiency systems, Écosolaris wants to offer its clients a professional service adapted to their particular needs. We listen to your needs right from the start and then rapidly find the best solution according to your budget! Our products and services allow businesses and homeowners to maximize their energy efficiency, reduce their environmental footprint while maximizing their return on their investment and this, with a dynamic professional and responsible team.

Your satisfaction is our best reference.

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